7 Things Women Expect on a First Date

7 Things Women Expect on a First Date


Are you dating or you’re planning to date? It’s advisable for one to date before marriage. Dating helps one to familiarize with his or her partner well. You might have met a beautiful lady and got interested in her. Unless you make up your mind and let all start with a simple conversation, you will end up building castles in the air. The first approach you use is very significant and determines whether you will make a date or not. It has to be well-calculated as it lays the foundation and first-impression.

Are you a coward? Everything is possible so long as you’re determined and train to be confident. If you admire a woman and feel like everything should start, don’t hesitate to utilize the opportunity. Once you have the lady by your side and learned more about her, plan for the first date. The first date is the golden opportunity to let her know what you feel towards her. However, you should not struggle to express yourself; first-impression and the manner you conduct yourself will speak out. Unless you are well conversant of the 7 things women expect on a first date, you are going to mess-up. Below are the things women expect on the first date.

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Inquiring about her preferences in advance:

Women like it when they are involved in the planning of the date. The involvements in planning assists know of the most convenient dating place and the kind of attire to wear. Also, your woman may not be comfortable with some places.


Women feel good whenever they are complimented. Women take there ample time preparing themselves for the first date, thus it’s good to be complimentary. You can compliment her hair, attire, smell and the overall primping. Alternatively, as you take dinner find something that will leave a long-lasting compliment.

Paying the bills:

Some women might contribute but it’s obvious that they expect you to pay for them. It’s advisable you save enough cash for the first date. You will have to spend.


The first date is a golden opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other better. Also, it is at this time one gets to expresses himself/ herself to the other. Women expect the gentleman to be curious and as inquisitive as possible. However, this should be done with limits. It can make a lady feel bored and keep checking on her phone. You should get to know of her hobbies, likes, dislikes, best moment etc.

Leave her impressed:

You should try all the best to leave your woman impressed with you and the date generally. Women will look forward to the next date if you treat them well. Contrarily, the women will avoid your company and pretend to be busy each time you suggest a date.

Have a backup plan:

If your plans fail at the last moment, relax and rely on the other alternative plan. Women are impressed when they see your creativity in handling issues.

Assertive Boyfriend:

Women need assertive companions and who are not aggressive. Let her know you are confident and always there for her. Be courteous as you deal with waiters and don’t be rude. In addition, be happy and smile to her; will make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

5 Countries around the World and their Unwritten Dating Rules

5 Countries around the World and their Unwritten Dating Rules


Unwritten Dating Rules in China:

It is the nature of men in China to want to take the lead in all matters of courtship and marriage. The first rule here is that men are naturally concerned with the source of living of the woman that he is interested in at that time. The second regulation is that men should care about the immediate family of the woman that he sees as this enables development of trust and honor. The past that the woman led before she met her current man is the obligation of the guy to find out as this proves that he is devoted to her.


Unwritten Courtship Rules in Britain:

In Britain, both men and women judge each other according to the manner that they appear physically. Another condition is that when a couple goes out, it is the obligation of both of them to split the bill of the whole time they spent out. During the night out, it is an unwritten rule to end the date by midnight, and before you get to the day out, it is pertinent that both the man and the woman to avoid public means of transport as it is a show of desperation.

Unwritten Dating rules in Nigeria:

Being an African country, most of the young people always struggle to keep up appearances of the current state of affairs with the hope that they can meet great dating partners. The first unwritten condition here is that social gatherings such as weddings and engagement parties are graced by single women and men who are willing to date each other. That aside, another rule is that it is better to date engaged women in Nigeria than to date single ones. It is because there is a perception in Nigeria stating that engaged women are more responsible than single ones.

Unwritten Courtship Rules in France:

The first rule here is that both men and women like to take it slow no matter the circumstances that are involved. French believe that gradual dating can help you understand the role of the other party in your life and this will create more reason for you to want to be with them. The other condition is that during the first date, meeting at a public place is off the charts. That is not all, the use of dating apps like Tinder is in the minimal range and partners that find each other on these social sites hardly last.

Unwritten Dating Rules of Japan:

In Japan, even though neither the man nor the woman mentions that punctuality is the key to ideal dating, it just goes without being said. Additionally, once you meet each other, it is usually the right thing to take time to get to know the likes and dislikes of your half as this will enable you to understand them better. Once you know each other, it means that communication will be a walk in the park. It is vital for a couple to exercise the right communication skills because no amount of pressure can be able to make them fail to address an issue between them.

7 Things you should know about Dating in America

7 Things you should know about Dating in America


The American culture can be very confusing. All this confusion has been brought about by the reality shows on TV as well as the movies. Even Google itself has reported several questions that have been asked severally concerning the American dating culture. Some of the questions are is: there a difference between going out and being in a relationship, at what time does a girl become your boyfriend, is there any commitment once you ask someone out, can you date someone without doing sex, what are the things one should expect when on a dating my daughter game and many more.
This discussion seeks to explain the 7 key things you should know about dating in America as it answers most of the above-asked question.


#7. Difference between a date, and going out:

Dating simply stands for seeing someone constantly on an often basis at a casual level.in a dating arrangement, there is care which is from both sides, having special moments together this can also be referred as being in a relationship while going out can mean going for a certain event together like to a bar, dinner or even dancing.

#6. Sex without dating:

Most people who are dating believes in love conquers it all so sex is not considered as a necessity. Although it’s taken as an important factor. Most people find it as a deal breaker if someone goes for sex the first day or attempts it forcefully.

#5. Pets and dating:

Both gents and ladies are very unlike to date individuals that keep rodents and reptiles as their pets. According to a survey of 2014 majority of American’s would end their relationship with partners that had pets that aren’t favorable to them.

#4. Call or text when asking for a date:

It’s considered to be bad manners if you ask your partner or probable partner to go out with you. If a face to face cannot be possible you second option should be a phone call or video call, use of text is a turn-off to most people

#3. Deal breakers:

According to the 2014 report on dating status of America. Hygiene was number one on the list, followed by joblessness and addictions to alcohol and drugs. It’s obvious no person would like to have a smelly partner. Most men considered being overweight as a deal breaker for them they prefer their partners slim or plus size with a uniform shape.

#2.Being humorous is a plus on your side:

Out of the following three: physical features or appearance, humor, and confidence. Humor toke a top spot outshining the other two according to the Americas dating status survey humor was at 24 percent while confidence and physical features followed with a 16 and 21 percent respectively.

#1.constituents of a date:

It’s a date if you are going out with someone you met on a dating site or app. As it’s a positive gesture if you state your intentions as early as possible this will eliminate any awkwardness as well as uncertainties of any nature.


Caution should be exercised while trying to incorporate this counsel. Keep an eye on someone that suits you as tailoring yourself into someone you are not can hardly work for you.