Are you dating or you’re planning to date? It’s advisable for one to date before marriage. Dating helps one to familiarize with his or her partner well. You might have met a beautiful lady and got interested in her. Unless you make up your mind and let all start with a simple conversation, you will end up building castles in the air. The first approach you use is very significant and determines whether you will make a date or not. It has to be well-calculated as it lays the foundation and first-impression.

Are you a coward? Everything is possible so long as you’re determined and train to be confident. If you admire a woman and feel like everything should start, don’t hesitate to utilize the opportunity. Once you have the lady by your side and learned more about her, plan for the first date. The first date is the golden opportunity to let her know what you feel towards her. However, you should not struggle to express yourself; first-impression and the manner you conduct yourself will speak out. Unless you are well conversant of the 7 things women expect on a first date, you are going to mess-up. Below are the things women expect on the first date.

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Inquiring about her preferences in advance:

Women like it when they are involved in the planning of the date. The involvements in planning assists know of the most convenient dating place and the kind of attire to wear. Also, your woman may not be comfortable with some places.


Women feel good whenever they are complimented. Women take there ample time preparing themselves for the first date, thus it’s good to be complimentary. You can compliment her hair, attire, smell and the overall primping. Alternatively, as you take dinner find something that will leave a long-lasting compliment.

Paying the bills:

Some women might contribute but it’s obvious that they expect you to pay for them. It’s advisable you save enough cash for the first date. You will have to spend.


The first date is a golden opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other better. Also, it is at this time one gets to expresses himself/ herself to the other. Women expect the gentleman to be curious and as inquisitive as possible. However, this should be done with limits. It can make a lady feel bored and keep checking on her phone. You should get to know of her hobbies, likes, dislikes, best moment etc.

Leave her impressed:

You should try all the best to leave your woman impressed with you and the date generally. Women will look forward to the next date if you treat them well. Contrarily, the women will avoid your company and pretend to be busy each time you suggest a date.

Have a backup plan:

If your plans fail at the last moment, relax and rely on the other alternative plan. Women are impressed when they see your creativity in handling issues.

Assertive Boyfriend:

Women need assertive companions and who are not aggressive. Let her know you are confident and always there for her. Be courteous as you deal with waiters and don’t be rude. In addition, be happy and smile to her; will make her feel comfortable and relaxed.