The American culture can be very confusing. All this confusion has been brought about by the reality shows on TV as well as the movies. Even Google itself has reported several questions that have been asked severally concerning the American dating culture. Some of the questions are is: there a difference between going out and being in a relationship, at what time does a girl become your boyfriend, is there any commitment once you ask someone out, can you date someone without doing sex, what are the things one should expect when on a dating my daughter game and many more.
This discussion seeks to explain the 7 key things you should know about dating in America as it answers most of the above-asked question.


#7. Difference between a date, and going out:

Dating simply stands for seeing someone constantly on an often basis at a casual a dating arrangement, there is care which is from both sides, having special moments together this can also be referred as being in a relationship while going out can mean going for a certain event together like to a bar, dinner or even dancing.

#6. Sex without dating:

Most people who are dating believes in love conquers it all so sex is not considered as a necessity. Although it’s taken as an important factor. Most people find it as a deal breaker if someone goes for sex the first day or attempts it forcefully.

#5. Pets and dating:

Both gents and ladies are very unlike to date individuals that keep rodents and reptiles as their pets. According to a survey of 2014 majority of American’s would end their relationship with partners that had pets that aren’t favorable to them.

#4. Call or text when asking for a date:

It’s considered to be bad manners if you ask your partner or probable partner to go out with you. If a face to face cannot be possible you second option should be a phone call or video call, use of text is a turn-off to most people

#3. Deal breakers:

According to the 2014 report on dating status of America. Hygiene was number one on the list, followed by joblessness and addictions to alcohol and drugs. It’s obvious no person would like to have a smelly partner. Most men considered being overweight as a deal breaker for them they prefer their partners slim or plus size with a uniform shape.

#2.Being humorous is a plus on your side:

Out of the following three: physical features or appearance, humor, and confidence. Humor toke a top spot outshining the other two according to the Americas dating status survey humor was at 24 percent while confidence and physical features followed with a 16 and 21 percent respectively.

#1.constituents of a date:

It’s a date if you are going out with someone you met on a dating site or app. As it’s a positive gesture if you state your intentions as early as possible this will eliminate any awkwardness as well as uncertainties of any nature.


Caution should be exercised while trying to incorporate this counsel. Keep an eye on someone that suits you as tailoring yourself into someone you are not can hardly work for you.